Oleh: M Arif Romadoni | 18/03/2012


1. My brother’s name…Sutanto
a.         am                               c. are
b.         was                              d. is

2. twelve years old.
a.   is                                  c. are
b.   was                              d. am

3. Anto    : I have to go now. See you in school tomorrow. Bye.
Dodi    : …..
a. your welcome          c. thank you
b. bye                                d. hello

4. This is my new laptop…was made in Korea.
a.   they                             c. my
b.   she                               d. it

5. she is in…classroom.
a.   himself                        c. his
b.   herself                         d. her

6. I usually…to school everyday.
a.   walked                         c. walk
b.   walking                       d. walks

7. Anisa   : I’m going home, see you.
Siti      : …..
a.hello                                c. your welcome
b.thank you                       d. bye

8. Rizki    : How are …?
Anto   : I am very well.thank you.
a.   yours                        c. your
b. you                              d. yourself

9. My father …in British Company.
a.   worked                      c. working
b.   work                            d. works

10. Mr. Hartono    : “Good morning, Hasan. How are you?”
Hasan                    : “Good morning,Mr. Hartono. I am well, thank you. How are you?
Mr. Hartono          : “fine thank you.”
Hasan                    : “I’m thirteen today.”
Mr. Hartono          : “Happy birthday. It’s my birthday, too. I’m fifty one today.”
Hasan                    : “Happy birthday to you.”
Hasan is…years of age.
a.   33                                c. 31
b.   13                                d. 30

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